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Storytelling in Business Presentations: Using your Value Proposition Pt. 3

This video is part of a series on presentation storytelling. See the full story by starting here.

Storytelling in business presentations doesn’t have to be difficult! And you don’t have to be a “storyteller” to do it.

One of the best ways for PowerPoint creators to use storytelling techniques in a way that is authentic, valuable and engaging is to incorporate your value proposition as the main idea in your story.

Most business guides will tell you that your value proposition simply describes what your brand does for your customers. It’s the thing that makes you unique, and the key differentiator between your brand and the competition.

But that’s also what makes it such a valuable part of your story. And if you are looking for ways to use storytelling in business presentations, building off your value proposition is a great way to get started.

Previously in this series, our Creative Director of Storytelling explained how to tell a story by using your slide headlines to build up to your value proposition. But sometimes you want to start out with a bang, rather than save it for the last slide.

In this video, we explain how you can use the exact same headlines to start out with your value proposition and work back from it.

That’s two different techniques that work with the same set of headlines. It’s a simple and flexible way for anyone to use storytelling in business presentations.



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