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Presentation classes for everyone

We get it – presentations are hard. It can be stressful to stand in front of a room (even if that room is just a Zoom window), not to mention all the time it takes to craft something that’s truly memorable. And worst of all, no one ever taught us what really makes a good presentation. It’s like we were all given a copy of PowerPoint and told to hope for the best.


But the truth is, presentations are as much science as they are art. And with a few simple classes, anyone can learn to give great presentations. 


VerdanaBold’s simple, easy-to-follow courses teach the key principles and best practices that help you to create effective, efficient presentations. Whether you’ve never given a presentation before or you’re a seasoned pro, our presentation classes and storytelling training can help improve every aspect of your business communications.

Looking to improve your presentation skills?
Our presentation training classes can help.

We work with companies and organizations to train their employees in every aspect of presenting. Choose from any of the following presentation courses, and we’ll do the rest.

From slide design to animations to overarching story, this course trains you on the basics of crafting a great PowerPoint presentation.

PowerPoint Design


Great presentations don’t just give facts, they tell stories. This course will teach you how to use narrative and storytelling principles to craft more effective messaging.

Page layout, image selection, animations: our visual design course is like a bootcamp for your design skills.

Visual Design

Virtual / Remote Training

Remote presentations are the new normal – these classes will help you master online presenting.


The Benefits of Training with VerdanaBold

You may be asking if presentation training is right for you. For people who don’t create or give presentations all of the time, it may seem like too much time or too much work, or just not necessary. 


But the fact is, presentation training will teach you so much more than just how to present. That’s because all of our courses are grounded in the core principles of effective communication and visual design. So while you’ll get better at creating and giving presentations, you’ll also improve your business communication skills in general. That means…


  • More confidence when speaking to clients and colleagues

  • More consistent branding across your organization

  • More effective memos, reports, and other documents

  • Less time and energy spent on each presentation

  • Less confusion and fewer missed opportunities


And that’s just the start.


How Our Presentation Courses Work

All of our courses are designed to suit the needs of busy people. That means they’re all about helping you learn the most  possible in the least amount of time. And they’re packed with actionable strategies and tips that can improve all of your professional communications. Here’s how it works.

the specific needs and challenges that you want to address, and tailor our lessons for each group.

your existing presentations, and create an example redesign that is incorporated into the training session.

one or more live training workshops, either in person or remotely

Follow Up
with additional materials and answers to any questions from your team


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“We recently hired them to conduct PowerPoint training for our creative agency team and they covered everything we wanted to hear and then some, plus a very impressive redesign of some of our existing presentations.”

Manager of Client Operations, Zebra Technologies