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Storytelling in Business Presentations: Using your Value Proposition Pt. 1

Your value proposition is an essential tool for your brand. At its most basic, your value proposition simply explains what your brand does for the end user. It’s not a tagline or slogan, it’s an expression of your unique offering, and what truly sets you apart from your competitors.

In other words, your value proposition is the theme of your brand’s story. So how do you tell that story?

One of the challenges with storytelling in business presentations is how to weave that story across multiple slides in a way that is coherent and effective. The trick isn’t to include your story on every slide, but rather to find ways to link your headlines such that they support your bigger message.

We’ve found two techniques that are particularly effective when it comes to using your value proposition for storytelling in business presentations:

  1. 1. Building up to it, where all of your headlines lead up to a reveal of your value prop

  2. 2. Working back from it, where you lead with your value prop

In this video, our Creative Director of Storytelling covers how to use your value proposition as a storytelling tool, and introduces you to the two techniques that we use to add it to presentations.

Check back soon to learn more about using your value proposition for storytelling in business presentations!



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