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Bold is Our Standard

Presentations are powerful. They can launch businesses, give rise to whole industries, or help forge new connections. But too many people believe that great presenters are born, not made. 


At VerdanaBold, we’re a PowerPoint agency whose goal is to show people that, with the right tools, anyone can present like an old pro.

Because we believe that anyone can give great presentations, and we’re passionate about helping people to do just that. We are a PowerPoint design company and storytelling agency built to guide people to better presenting through training, design and writing, and strategy.


A Powerpoint design company for everyone

Presentation Designers

About VerdanaBold


We are a PowerPoint agency with a highly-experienced team of presentation designers, writers, strategists, and, most importantly, presentation experts.


Our name is actually a synthesis of our philosophy. Verdana is a system font that’s on every computer, and it represents our mission to empower everyone to communicate their ideas clearly through good design and sound storytelling. Bold is our outlook, and how we believe you should feel when you present: strong, confident, and ready to change the world.


Together, they are a call for every individual to realize the power of their ideas.

Bold Beliefs

We’re a presentation agency, but there’s more to what we do than presentation design. Here are a few of the core values that inspire our work.

You Can Do It

It’s easy to be intimidated by presenting. Even if you aren’t anxious about speaking in front of others, presentations have a lot of moving parts. You have to communicate clearly and efficiently, please multiple stakeholders, and leave a lasting impression on your audience.


We firmly believe that, with a little guidance, anyone can learn the skills needed to be a great presenter.

Presentation Agency

Design is Democratic

You don’t have to be a “creative” or work at a PowerPoint design company to do great design. That’s why our presentation design philosophy relies on system fonts and other accessible tools. Because the fewer barriers that exist between you and sharing your ideas, the better you’ll be able to communicate them.

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Branding isn't a Buzzword

Brand identities, color choices, and other associated visual systems are powerful tools for creating a feeling about your brand and work in your audience. As a highly experienced presentation agency, we always ensure your presentations feel like a consistent part of your brand, but also recognize that there are moments that call for more dramatic flair. And even when we go big, it should still feel like you.


Presentations, like People, are Unique

There is no one perfect presentation. The one you deliver to an audience in person is different than the one you leave behind, which is different from the one you deliver online, which is different from the one you give on a stage. We take a context- and audience-first approach to presentations, and always look for ways to tailor your message to the specific needs of the situation.

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The Power of Lifelong Learning

The more you know, the more you grow. And that’s just as true of presentations as anything else. We want to help you continually evolve the way you present by learning from what works for your business and what doesn’t, and by sharpening your understanding of presentations in general.



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“A PowerPoint that has received the Verdana Bold makeover is a beautiful combination of design and communication.”

Senior Graphic Designer, Flexera Software

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