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Our Presentation Design Portfolio

While there’s nothing quite like being in the room for a presentation, there’s a lot you can learn from looking back at them. And while many of our favorite visual storytelling examples can’t be shared, you can see some of our favorite PowerPoint design examples in our presentation design portfolio.

Presentation Design Examples

Absolute Results

Sometimes greatness is just a nudge away. When Absolute Results came to us with their sales pitch, the visuals storytelling was already strong. We helped them refine their narrative to make their story pop.


Experienced audiences demand exceptional ideas, so when the CEO of Flexera was speaking to a group of his C-Level colleagues, we helped him to be the leader of the room.

Four Star Wealth Advisors

Keynotes often have multiple goals for the same presentations. For this, we helped our client use an educational talk as a way to develop new client leads as well.

Hacker Agency

There’s some truth to the idea that the hardest client to market is yourself. We helped the Hacker Agency to craft a presentation that highlighted the unique credentials that made them so valuable to their clients.

Prepared Health

Good training leads to better employees. We helped Prepared Health’s Learning & Development team refresh their content to be more engaging and memorable.

Second City Works

With new opportunities popping up all the time, Second City Works needed an easy way to create new presentations that weren’t improvised. We built an entire design system, including a PowerPoint template, icon library, and optimized image library that made it easy for their whole organization to create applause-worthy work.


Using Visuals Effectively in a PowerPoint Presentation


Here’s how to pack your PowerPoint with the best images.


Our monthly roundup of the newest PowerPoint design tips and tricks, presentation design ideas, and other strategies for better communications.

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