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PowerPoint tips: Crunch-time Time Savers, Part 2

This video is part of a series on PowerPoint tips. See the full story by starting here.

One thing that’s universally true about presentations is that there never seems to be enough time to get them done. And whether it’s adding a new slide or refreshing an entire deck, the last-minute requests never stop.

But with a little preparation and a few of our best PowerPoint tips, you’ll be able to refine on the fly and still make your presentations look like they were crafted by a pro.

In this video, you can watch the second half of our lesson on Crunch-time Time Savers, or PowerPoint tips specially selected for those “just one more thing” moments.

Tip #4: Refine your headlines to reflect the benefit to the audience

People will read your headline first, so make sure that they are focused on benefits to the audience.

Tip #5: Use the slide sorter tool to scan slides and add visual variety

It’s easy to forget that your slides all look the same when you only see one at a time, so get a new perspective with the slide sorter.

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