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Presentation Design Tip #2: Add variety to your slides

There’s a fine line to walk in presentation design. On one side, you can keep it simple and use nothing but solid backgrounds and basic type. On the other, you can create a new custom design for every single slide in your presentation.

It’s pretty easy to see why neither of those is the ideal option. So one of our favorite presentation design tips is to make sure each PowerPoint uses a mix of designs for different slide types.

First, visual variety is a great way to keep your audience engaged. This is particularly true when it comes to virtual presentations, when your audience has the entire internet to distract them from your PowerPoint.

Second, changing up your slides allows you to group pieces of content together, or to emphasize key points. For example, creating a distinct style for your divider, infographic, and image-focused slides helps your audience orient themselves to where they are in the presentation, and to understand what is most important.

Check out our quick training video for more on why you should spice up your slide designs, plus some great examples of what that looks like in practice.

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