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Why You Need a PowerPoint Template Design Agency    


On an average day, your clients are more likely to see your branding in a PowerPoint than on your website or social channels. But too many companies still invest all their branding efforts into more high profile work, and neglect the less glamorous tactics like the quality of their PowerPoint template design.

With branded presentation template design, every employee on your team has the power to become a brand ambassador without doing any extra work. All the while you are building brand consistency and landing new clients. And choosing a PowerPoint template design agency makes it easy to get started.

Ready to make your business PowerPoint templates stand out? We can help.

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With smart, well-designed business presentation templates from VerdanaBold’s PowerPoint template designers, you can ensure that your team is getting your message out while keeping your brand consistent.

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PowerPoint Template Design System

For day-to-day presentations or just general brand consistency, business PowerPoint templates are one of the best ways to improve every presentation your team gives. Our PowerPoint template designers can develop a system that is simple, flexible, and suits your specific needs.

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Presentation Template Training

Simply having thoughtful, well-designed business presentation templates isn’t enough to make your presentations stand out. Our PowerPoint template designers train your team on how the system works, how it can help them build presentations, and how to use the new system most effectively.

Presentation Template Design Services for Training
PowerPoint Asset Templates and Design

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Presentation Template Design Guidelines

Even the best business presentation templates are only as useful as what you make with them. Once your presentation template design system and other assets are created, we’ll also make detailed guidelines that explain each of the elements, how they work together, and how to turn them into a cohesive and effective presentation.

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Asset Libraries

Stop wasting time and money on stock assets or one-off designs. We can create a library of images, infographics, and illustrations that have been optimized for your business presentation template and make it easy for your team to include dazzling, custom visuals in every PowerPoint they create.

Presentation Template Design Guidelines

Our Process


We’re a PowerPoint template design agency that specializes in business powerpoint templates and other ways to help your team give better presentations.

Check out our process to learn more about what makes our approach unique, and how we can help deliver real results for your company.

Case Study

With new opportunities popping up all the time, Second City Works needed an easy way to create new presentations that weren’t improvised. We built an entire design system, including a PowerPoint template, icon library, and optimized image library that made it easy for their whole organization to create applause-worthy work.



Why Your Brand Needs a PowerPoint Template Design

Your Company Needs a Brand PowerPoint Template, Here’s Why


Why would you create a PowerPoint without first developing a brand presentation template?


Our monthly roundup of the newest PowerPoint design tips and tricks, presentation design ideas, and other strategies for better communications.


“Our team was thrilled with the PowerPoint template they created for us. It captured the spirit of our brand and was easy even for a beginning PowerPoint user.”

VP Content, Second City Works

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