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When it comes to designing presentations, every one is unique. What you say and how you say it will change based on the audience, where and when the presentation is happening, and a whole range of other factors. 


That means every presentation is a new chance to tell your story. So why not tell it better each time?

Discover, Design, Refine

VerdanaBold offers presentation development services that are made for the quick turnaround world of designing presentations. And like a great presentation, our modular process is adapted to fit your specific presentation development needs. So whether you need minor refinements before a meeting, or a major overhaul while preparing for a big pitch, we’ll help make your next presentation a success.


Understanding Your Content

Whether we’re designing presentations from scratch or updating an existing presentation, we start with a thorough discussion and review of what you have and what you want to accomplish. This includes talking with you, reviewing any assets and internal documents you (and your creative/agency partners) are currently using, as well as understanding how you want to use your new presentation.

Assessing Your Brand Assets

Your presentation should fit seamlessly with your branding and any other marketing materials you use, so the presentation development process starts with a deep dive into your brand, including the imagery and messaging you have, to make sure it feels at home. And if you don’t have existing branding materials, we can help you to create a look and feel that represents your company.


Designing Your Presentation

Once we’ve gathered all the inputs we need, we start the magic. Depending on your individual needs, this can include creating a template, selecting photography, designing infographics, and even building transitions and animations to make your marketing presentation smooth and professional.

Crafting a Story

People remember stories, not details. From full rewrite to minor refinements, we’ll make sure that your presentation tells your story in a clear, engaging, and actionable way.


You’re the one who will be giving the presentation, so we believe it’s important that you take a collaborative role in our design process. We’re set up to quickly turn around edits and other refinements, including messaging changes, image replacements, icon updates, and even larger narrative restructuring. And because presentation development is an ongoing process, we can partner with you to continue refining your presentation as your business needs change or  new information is added.

A Modular Approach

When you need a
little help, we can...

Make messaging tweaks or design improvements



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“Verdana Bold takes pieces of our puzzle and puts them together in presentations that are compelling and beyond anything we could produce ourselves. Working with them has been a great success and the presentations have become a benchmark for future projects.”

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