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The three steps in data storytelling: Shape the narrative

Three steps in data storytelling
The three steps in data storytelling: Shape the narrative

This video is part of a series on data visualization. See the full story by starting here.

What’s the difference between a data visualization and a data story? 

Insights and intention.

To elevate your data into a story, you need to give it context and highlight an insight. Something that stands out as a key takeaway that you can emphasize to the audience, rather than asking them to hunt for it on their own.

If you’re starting a data visualization from scratch, or just looking to elevate a chart that’s already been made, you should start by assessing the data, identifying the insight you want to focus on, and then crafting a visual story to support it.

In our video from a recent webinar for the In-House Agency Forum, our Creative Director of Storytelling covers what a data story is and how you can craft one.

Looking for more information about data visualization and beyond? Check out our resources for expert advice and tested strategies.

About the author

Kyle Kartz is the Creative Director of Storytelling at VerdanaBold. He is an expert copywriter and strategist, with experience driving major campaigns for global brands in multiple industries. He is passionate about communications, the outdoors, and cooking.



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