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The three steps in data storytelling: Understand the audience

Data storytelling is a huge topic that can seem highly technical and unapproachable. But with a few basic strategies, you can learn to apply a storytelling mindset to your data for richer, more nuanced presentations that drive results.

Creating an effective data visualization doesn’t start with the data, or even the story: it starts with the audience. Your entire storytelling and design process all hinges on who is in the room, how they like to see data, and what they want to do with it.

So before you start designing charts or crafting a narrative, you need to assess the audience.

In this video from our webinar for the In-House Agency Forum, our Creative Director of Storytelling explains the role the audience plays in your approach to creating data visualizations, and how you can put them at the center of your presentation. 

Looking for more information about data visualization and beyond? Check out our resources for expert advice and tested strategies.

About the author

Kyle Kartz is the Creative Director of Storytelling at VerdanaBold. He is an expert copywriter and strategist, with experience driving major campaigns for global brands in multiple industries. He is passionate about communications, the outdoors, and cooking.



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