Professional PowerPoint Tips for Great Presentations

Turning your PowerPoint into a great presentation doesn't require a sophisticated understanding of design. These professional PowerPoint tips are intuitive enough for any beginner to tackle and will elevate the style and effectiveness of your presentation:

1. Everything must be aligned, especially titles.

Font sizes and styles should be visually compatible, and text formatting consistent from slide-to-slide. A simple cut and paste in PowerPoint automatically positions titles in the same place from one slide to the next. Having slides in your PowerPoint that look out of sync will likely distract from your message and make your presentation less effective. Any repetitive element – from sources to paragraphs – should flow from slide to slide.

2. Break up with much of your content.

Less is more when designing a great PowerPoint presentation. Long paragraphs of text are hard to understand throughout moving slides. One of our best tips for a great PowerPoint presentation is to break up complicated ideas with bullet points and short sentences. Visual slides with less text add emphasis and clarity. Craft your slides with content that's easy to read for you and your audience. If you can't easily read the text out loud, try another round of editing.

3. Small details add impact.

Page numbers allow for useful reference within multiple slides. Including a small logo at the bottom right corner of your presentation makes your PowerPoint look more professional - adding a quick flash of your company's style as the slides change.

4. Not all text is created equal.

The way text is highlighted throughout a presentation helps signal what's most important. Highlight what you want your audience to read first. Set it apart with different type, bolding, or color. Differentiate titles by bolding some and varying fonts on others.

With these professional PowerPoint tips, you can make any presentation one they’ll never forget!

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