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Presentation Design Tip #3: Showcase your brand

A presentation is one of the best opportunities to showcase your brand. It lets you tap into every aspect of your visual identity, highlights your tone of voice, and shows what your brand looks like in action.

But too often, PowerPoints can come across as a yard sale, with some old slides here, a different logo there, and inconsistent colors everywhere.

That’s why one of the most under appreciated presentation design tips is to make sure your PowerPoint feels like an extension of your brand.

This can be easier said than done. Often, people pull in repurposed content from previous presentations or other stakeholders, or they add new elements that go off-template.

So it’s worth pausing to take a step back and ensure that each of your key branded elements are being used in the right way.

That creates consistency for your customers, adds a layer of polish to your slides, and makes the presentation feel more professional.

See more about why branding your PowerPoints is so important in this short training clip!

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