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The Benefits of Outsourcing Presentation Design

The Benefits of Outsourcing Presentation Design

A lot of people ask what makes a presentation design agency necessary. In particular, they often ask why they should outsource PowerPoint design instead of simply building a presentation themselves. They may have a designer on staff, or have created PowerPoints in the past, and wonder what the benefits of outsourcing presentation design to a specialist really are.

But the fact is, there’s a big difference between building it yourself, handing it over to a designer who doesn’t specialize in presentation design, and outsourcing it to PowerPoint experts.

Here are three key reasons why you should consider outsourcing PowerPoint design for your next presentation:

Presentation design is a unique skill

Not all design is equal. The thought process and planning that go into designing a PowerPoint are wildly different from designing a site, a brochure, or any other type of marketing/sales collateral.

And because presentations are often the key drivers for building a business, the proper application of presentation design principles like pacing, story, photo selection, and animations can have a huge impact on your bottom line. Because unlike other materials, PowerPoints require more than just pretty designs – they require thoughtful and effective communication, with every element working in perfect harmony.

Good presentations take time to do well

One of the benefits of a presentation agency is process. We know what works, we know how to build it properly, and we can tap experts on design/writing/strategy.

For example, a traditional graphic designer will typically build a presentation in design software and import into PowerPoint. Not only does this mean it’s not formatted ideally for your purposes, but it also means you’re missing out on many effective ways to enhance your presentation. This leads to additional time spent refining, and missed opportunities to better communicate your message.

And outsourcing presentation design often means less waste. By working with experts, you’ll get a better return on your resources, and use less time to get there.

Good templates lead to better presentations

A well-designed template is a powerful tool for ensuring consistency and quality across an organization’s presentations. Without one, presenters are stuck pasting in slides from previous presentations, leading to font and format issues that detract from your content.

But a template is more than just a slide library. It’s an expression of your brand, with its own look and approach to your style. A thoughtful, robust template is a valuable asset to any organization who uses PowerPoint, and creating one that properly suits your needs can save you a lot of time in the long run.

Good data visualization means more than charts

As brands take in and use more and more data, the challenge is designing it to be clear, understandable, and actionable. This alone is a major undertaking for some brands.

But data visualization is also about storytelling. It’s how you uncover and share insights so that your audience can act, and how you make dense data come to life.

A presentation design partner can help your team to navigate the nuances of data visualization design, and provide strategies for telling clear data stories.

Good presentations create opportunities

Chances are, the person you are presenting to has seen A LOT of PowerPoints. So if you want yours to stand out and give you the chance to make sales, create connections, or just make your message heard, outsourcing PowerPoint design is a smart way to ensure you are giving yourself more chances to succeed.

There are lots of ways to design a presentation, but outsourcing presentation design is one of (if not the) best. But as we saw above, not every agency or designer will give you the same results.

We are passionate about presentation design because we know how effective communication can help grow your business. So the next time opportunity comes knocking, consider outsourcing your presentation design to the experts at VerdanaBold.

Update (02/24): we’ve revised this article to add some additional thoughts on presentation design

Looking for more information about presentation visuals and beyond? Check out our resources for expert advice and tested strategies.

About the author

Danielle John is the founder of VerdanaBold. She has more than 25 years as an award-winning designer and creative lead, directing the visual expression and production of thousands of high-value new business pitches, C-level presentations and internal presentations for major global brands. When she’s not busy at VerdanaBold, she can be found antique shopping and spending time with her husband and two kids.



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