With an Infographic Design Company, Images Tell a Story

Too often, ”infographics” only deliver on one of those things: they are packed with information and visually confusing, or stunning to see with nothing to say. But with an infographic design agency, a great infographic can become the difference between “seeing” and “understanding.”

Infographic services can mean more than just charts and graphs. A smarter approach to infographic services means thinking visually about all the information in your presentation: how it looks, how it connects to other images, and how it flows from intro to conclusion.

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There’s a difference between a designer and an infographic design agency. One is focused on visuals, the other on communications. At VerdanaBold, we’re an infographic company with an approach to infographic design services that focuses on clear, actionable images that enhance presentations and connect with audiences.

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Infographic Design Services

Whether it's a new template, a custom presentation, or even graphics for a digital or print piece, as an infographic design company we can help you create a custom infographic that makes even the most complex info seem simple.

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Infographics Refresh

Sometimes you have an infographic that you like, but it could use a little design love. An infographics company like VerdanaBold can give your images a refresh to be sharper, fit your new brand, or just work better.


Our Process

Infographic services are at the core of many great presentations, so it only makes sense that you would turn to an infographic design agency to craft the most impactful parts of your presentation.

Check out our process to learn more about what makes our approach unique, and how an infographic company can help deliver real results for your company.

Case Study

We partner with brands of all sizes in a wide range of industries. See the difference that our approach to presentations has made for our clients, and learn more about how we can help your business in our case studies.


How to Make a Great Infographic

Here are five infographic tips that will help you make a great infographic


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