Virtual / Remote
Presentation Workshop
Presentation Guidance for the Virtual Workplace

Remote presentations have become the norm for most businesses. And the switch to digital-first presenting has brought a host of new challenges, like how to keep remote audiences attention, and how to format presentations to best suit the medium.

In this remote presentation course, you'll learn tried and tested techniques to keep an audience engaged, practical advice to boost your confidence, and new ideas to help see online presenting as an opportunity, rather than a problem.

Looking to improve your presentation skills?
Our Remote Presentations workshop can help.

Our Remote Presentations workshop is a brief, bootcamp-style program designed to help presenters improve their remote presentation skills in a short amount of time. 

What You’ll Learn in Our
Remote Presentations Workshop

Rules of the Room

We’ll start with the foundations of virtual presentations: what makes a good remote presentation, how to set up your technology and devices, how to plan for participation, and more.

Optimizing Materials

From how you write slides to what you voice over, and even what types of images are on a slide, a great virtual presentation looks and sounds different from its real-world counterpart. We’ll cover ways you can adjust your presentations to better suit an online world.

Audience-First Approach

Remote presentations can require a little extra effort to connect with your audience. This workshop will help you build confidence in your own presenting style, create connections and rapport with your audience, and maintaining engagement from start to finish.

How Our Presentation Courses Work

All of our courses are designed to suit the needs of busy people. That means they’re all about helping you learn the most  possible in the least amount of time. And they’re packed with actionable strategies and tips that can improve all of your professional communications. Here’s how it works.


the specific needs and challenges that you want to address, and tailor our lessons for each group.

your existing presentations, and create an example redesign that is incorporated into the training session.

Ready to Up Your PowerPoint Game?

one or more live training workshops, either in person or remotely

Follow Up
with additional materials and answers to any questions from your team

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“We recently hired them to conduct PowerPoint training for our creative agency team and they covered everything we wanted to hear and then some, plus a very impressive redesign of some of our existing presentations.”

Manager of Client Operations, Zebra Technologies