Let’s Tell a Story

A great PowerPoint may not start with “once upon a time,” but that doesn’t mean it isn’t telling a story. That’s because stories don’t have to be epic adventures. Sometimes, they can be about business, too.


When we talk about PowerPoint storytelling, we mean applying concepts like context, narrative structure, and emotional cues to the way you create your presentation. It’s about organizing your ideas, tailoring your tone, and humanizing data. And it’s the best way to make your ideas more impactful.

With this course, you’ll learn how to create clear, well-organized content, with a focus on keeping the audience engaged from start to finish.

Looking to improve your presentation skills?
Our Storytelling training classes can help.

Storytelling techniques are easy and effective ways to make your presentations more memorable. 

What You’ll Learn in Our Storytelling Training Classes
Our PowerPoint design course will cover the key areas that support every type of presentation, including:


You’ll learn how to craft a narrative for your presentations, including understanding and connecting with your audience, writing memorable intros and conclusions,
and choosing a compelling call to action.


When you are trying to reach an audience, how you say something can be as important as what you are saying. We’ll teach you to elevate to benefits instead of features, humanize complex data, and make emotional connections with your audience.

Visual Storytelling

You also tell stories through the visuals you use in your presentations. We’ll cover topics like pacing and deck structure, image selection, visual cues and more.

How Our Presentation Courses Work

All of our courses are designed to suit the needs of busy people. That means they’re all about helping you learn the most  possible in the least amount of time. And they’re packed with actionable strategies and tips that can improve all of your professional communications. Here’s how it works.


the specific needs and challenges that you want to address, and tailor our lessons for each group.

your existing presentations, and create an example redesign that is incorporated into the training session.

Ready to Up Your PowerPoint Game?

one or more live training workshops, either in person or remotely

Follow Up
with additional materials and answers to any questions from your team


The 10-20-30 Rule of PowerPoint – How It Can Make (or Break) Your Best Marketing Presentations

Here are a few of the benefits of applying the 10-20-30 rule to your marketing presentation template.


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“We recently hired them to conduct PowerPoint training for our creative agency team and they covered everything we wanted to hear and then some, plus a very impressive redesign of some of our existing presentations.”

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