PowerPoint Design Training
Advanced PowerPoint Training Made Simple

Small meetings or huge conferences. A couple coworkers or the company board. Whatever and whenever you're presenting, a VerdanaBold PowerPoint design course can help you design clearer, more memorable presentations, every time.


That’s because our PowerPoint course is designed with the challenges of real presentations in mind. It includes general strategies for better presentations, expert PowerPoint design training tips, and personalized guidance to help teams see real improvements.


With this course, you’ll learn everything you need to become a confident and effective PowerPoint presenter!

Looking for PowerPoint design training for your company?
Our PowerPoint classes can help.

We help companies and organizations train their employees in every aspect of presenting. Our PowerPoint courses feature customized guidance and tips that will help with every presentation.

What You’ll Learn in Our Presentation Training
Our PowerPoint design workshop will cover the key areas that support every type of presentation, including:

Narrative Storytelling

Our PowerPoint design class covers topics like understanding and connecting with your audience, crafting memorable intros and conclusions, and creating a compelling call to action.

Visual Storytelling

In our PowerPoint design class, your team will learn how to use visual design to reinforce your messaging and brand, including basics of layout and design, visualization, infographics, interactivity, templates & master slides, multimedia, and slide animation

Advanced PowerPoint Training Tips & Tricks

To make our PowerPoint training even more effective, we'll share  some expert PowerPoint tips & tricks that will help make creating every presentation a little easier. This includes advanced tips to help you save time, and best practices to ensure consistency and compatibility of slides across your organization.

How Our Presentation Courses Work

All of our courses are designed to suit the needs of busy people. That means they’re all about helping you learn the most  possible in the least amount of time. And they’re packed with actionable strategies and tips that can improve all of your professional communications. Here’s how it works.


the specific needs and challenges that you want to address, and tailor our lessons for each group.

your existing presentations, and create an example redesign that is incorporated into the training session.

Ready to Up Your PowerPoint Game?

one or more live training workshops, either in person or remotely

Follow Up
with additional materials and answers to any questions from your team

Powerpoint design workshop


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Our monthly roundup of the newest PowerPoint design tips and tricks, presentation design ideas, and other strategies for better communications.


“We recently hired them to conduct PowerPoint training for our creative agency team and they covered everything we wanted to hear and then some, plus a very impressive redesign of some of our existing presentations.”

Manager of Client Operations, Zebra Technologies