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VerdanaBold Webinar

🚨 Calling all Investor Relations teams! 🚨

Join us for 3 Tips for Better Investor Day Presentations, a free webinar on sharper slides and stronger data stories.

Hosted by Kyle Kartz, our Creative Director for Storytelling, this webinar will cover 3 key areas that can turn any Investor Day deck into a powerful tool for business growth.

Whether you are an IR pro that’s running a team or a financial communications professional this webinar is packed with valuable insights and time-saving tips for stronger presentations.

To register, fill out the contact form below!

About the webinar:

Free Zoom webinar hosted by VerdanaBold

12:00 PM CST

30 minutes

What we’ll cover:

1. Tips for streamlining content-heavy slides

2. How to approach slide design

3. Strategies for stronger data storytelling

Who should attend:

Investor Relations Teams

Financial Communications Professionals

Event Planners

Board Members

Register here:




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