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Meet the Client: Revolution Impact

Meet the Client: Revolution Impact

Who they are

Creators of greater good through better business. Revolution Impact partners with social sector and educational enterprises and leaders to solve the growth, strategy, data, operational and organizational challenges that get in the way of their mission.

How we work together

Revolution Impact engages with clients for months at a time to perform extensive research, do in-depth discovery and shape strategic and actionable plans to guide the organization forward. We then work with Revolution Impact to package up all of that valuable information into visual, branded and easy-to-digest client presentations.

Project spotlight

We most recently partnered on the creation of a 60-slide presentation to reflect the findings from primary and secondary research as well as feedback from a diverse working group to inform the development of a new educational research entity. The final deliverable needed to work as both a pre-read document with multiple stakeholders and an in-person presentation. To clearly communicate the complex information, we developed a full icon suite and content legends to guide the reader. We also created a number of infographics and visuals to highlight important data and aligned the full deck with the organization’s brand guidelines.

What they say

“Verdana Bold has this unique knack for taking our hard work and strategic thinking and turning into beautiful presentations that makes us look even smarter.”


Meet the Client: Revolution Impact

Presentation Design: Revolution Impact

Presentation Design: Revolution Impact



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