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Meet the Client: Glanbia Nutritionals

Who they are

A science-led, quality-obsessed and down-to-earth provider of innovative nutritional solutions to many of the world’s greatest brands. Glanbia Nutritionals offers expertise in food science and supply chains, deep customer and category knowledge, and a dedication to the art and science of nutrition.

How we work together

Since 2016, we’ve partnered with Glanbia Nutritionals to create everything from high-level brand templates to conference logos and a wide range of capability, sales and strategy presentations.

Project spotlight

After a full rebranding effort, Glanbia Nutritionals needed an updated presentation template to match their new presence and color palette. The trick? The template had to work for both PowerPoint novices and experts working across Macs and PCs.

We created a suite of pre-formatted template types—cover slides, dividers, type slides of all kinds—and a PowerPoint-optimized brand image library to give the marketing and creative teams everything they needed to build consistent, professional and effective presentations.

What they say

“Working with VerdanaBold has been quick, friendly and very cost effective. It saves us time on tight deadlines. When we have multiple projects, we can really focus on the strategy and content and they can focus on the design. They know our design guidelines and are very quick in turning projects around.”



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