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Meet the Client: CB2

Meet the Client: CB2

Who they are

An urban-minded destination that encourages and inspires people to experiment with their style and their space. CB2 is a home design retailer that sells sophisticated modern pieces with affordable prices —giving their customers the freedom to express their individuality and keeping them coming back for more.

How we work together

In 2017, we partnered with CB2 to organize all their disparate brand identity pieces into one comprehensive and easy-to-understand brand guidelines document that their team and agency partners would actually refer back to. Since then, we’ve created a number of other pieces including an international C-level conference presentation.

Project spotlight

In preparation for a keynote presentation at a retail conference in Germany, we sat down with CB2’s president and team to understand the objectives of the engagement and the story he wanted to tell. Over the next week we worked together to craft a brand narrative that matched the modern and elevated feeling of the brand, yet was easy to understand by an international audience.

What they say.

“Verdana Bold takes pieces of our puzzle and puts them together in presentations that are compelling and beyond anything we could produce ourselves. Working with them has been a great success and the presentations have become a benchmark for future projects.”


CB2: Presentation design

CB2: Product design

CB2: Presentation design

CB2: Presentation design



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