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Meet Liz: senior designer and PowerPoint expert

We’re excited to introduce our newest team member! Liz is our new Senior Presentation Designer, and she brings some serious PowerPoint and Slides skills to the team. She has extensive experience as a presentation designer, and we’re sure she’s going to elevate every deck that goes out the door.

What is your favorite thing about working at VerdanaBold?

The people! The entire team at VerdanaBold has been so kind and welcoming to me. It feels good to experience this positive energy from day one.

If you were to start a company from scratch, what values would you build it on?

A positive and inclusive culture, valuing and developing employees talents, honesty and integrity, respect.

What aspect of your personality adds the most value to your work at VerdanaBold?

I’m curious and enjoy learning, keeping up on trends, and discovering new things.

What’s the coolest thing you’re working on right now?

I’m learning how to install wallpaper. I just finished one of my daughters' bedrooms and am moving on to the next one soon. Wallpapering is HARD but it’s an awesome feeling when you’re able to step back and admire your finished work. It’s been a fun DIY project for me this summer.

What is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

There are so many great restaurants in Chicago! In my neighborhood, my favorites are Giant for sit-down, Cafe Tola for grab and go, and The Avondale Coffee Club for coffee and donuts.

At what store would you like to max your credit card out?

Etsy. Crate & Barrel. Sézane.

What is your favorite book?

Fox in Socks by Dr. Seuss. It’s a fun tongue-twister that my kids love and I enjoy reading to them.

What are you passionate about?

I’m passionate about a number of things, one of which is interior decorating. It took me a long time to learn the art of good interior design/decorating and now I really enjoy changing things up, finding just the right decor and plants, and adding small special touches around the house.

I’m also passionate about traveling, along with my husband and our daughters who are 4 and 7 years old. We often travel to Poland (my husband’s home country), and to Mexico, which is our favorite vacation destination. We’re also working our way through a long bucket list of world travel destinations.


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