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Meet Emily: Designer, Plant Mom and Lover of The Office

Meet Emily: Designer, Plant Mom and Lover of The Office

Emily Q. is a Designer at VerdanaBold. Emily received her Bachelor of Arts—with a focus in Graphic Design—at Northern Michigan University in Marquette, Michigan. She is the resident expert of website design and being a plant mom. When she’s not helping create kick-ass presentation at VerdanaBold you can find Emily at some concert around the city.

Learn more about Emily in the Q&A below!

What is your favorite thing about working at VerdanaBold?

I love the team-oriented working environment at VerdanaBold. It’s very casual, but I’m still constantly learning and getting work done. I know if I’m having a problem or stuck on an idea, I can show it to anyone on the team and get feedback or learn something new. I also appreciate that when large projects come in or the occasional late night happens, everyone contributes. You can tell everyone is working hard to help the company and each other out.

How do you measure the success of your designs at VerdanaBold?

I measure the success of my designs based on knowing that we delivered the best solution for that particular client’s needs; each project has a slightly different design solution needed, and finding the right one is key in having a successful design.

What do you most pride yourself on in your work for VerdanaBold?

I pride myself in my attention to detail, as well as my willingness and ability to make the tiniest of changes—changes that might not seem noticeable at first, but that will help elevate the design to the best it can be.

What is your favorite book? What is your favorite book cover design?

My favorite book is The Book Thief by Markus Zusak. As for cover design, I have a set of the Lord the Rings books that have a more simple cover designs—a black background with illustrations of key elements from the books—and I really love the simplicity of them.

At what store would you like to max your credit card out?

Top 3: 1. Bookstore 2. Ulta. 3. Gardening Center – I love plants.

What is your secret talent that no one knows about?

Relating anything back to a scene or quote from The Office



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