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Pitch Decks Build Business


Pitch decks take many forms, from high-level introductions to detailed proposals. They are sales tools and brand awareness tools, but most importantly, they are how many companies grow their business.

A pitch or sales deck does more than communicate your capabilities and costs. It creates trust, builds enthusiasm, and inspires potential clients. And it’s how you show clients what your values are and the quality of work you bring to the table.

Ready to make your pitch deck stand out? We can help.

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Sales Enablement

If you aren’t giving your sales team the best tools, you’re missing opportunities. A thoughtful, engaging sales deck is just as important for building your brand (and business) as your site and other collateral, but too few businesses devote enough time and attention to them. From building better templates to guidance on better sales presentation design, a pitch deck design agency can help your business grow.


Whether it’s a custom pitch deck design for a big client or templates and tools to help with your day-to-day sales decks, our pitch deck design services can help you tell clear, actionable stories that convert audiences and close deals.

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Pitch Deck Design Training Services

Presentation Training

One of the best ways to build your business is to empower your people with the skills to help it grow. We work with organizations to teach teams sales presentation design, PowerPoint best practices, and storytelling & narrative development techniques for sales presentation design, so that your sales and marketing teams can turn their best ideas into winning pitch decks.

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Infographics are one of the most effective ways to communicate complicated information in a short amount of time. But a poorly designed infographic can turn an otherwise effective pitch deck design into a muddy, forgettable slideshow. We can help craft visual information that simplifies and clarifies even the most complex concepts, so that your audience can focus on what matters most in your sales deck.

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Sales Deck Design and Infographics

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Presentation Templates

Great presentations don’t have to be a lot of work. With a well-designed presentation template and a flexible library of slides, your team is ready to build effective and on-brand pitch decks that are ready to close deals, without having to start from scratch with every deck. Our pitch deck design services can get you closer to closing, every time.


Our Process


No two pitch decks are the same. Each one is carefully crafted to respond to the specific ask, the different needs of each client, and the strengths of your pitch team. And while each one is unique, as a pitch deck design agency we have a proven process that underlies every sales deck we work with you to create.

Check out our process to learn more about what makes our approach to pitch deck design services unique, and how we can help deliver real results for your company.

Case Study

Second City Works came to us with a dense, tough-to-read spreadsheet full of ideas on PowerPoint slides for a presentation to prospective clients. We organized their ideas, then turned the spreadsheet into a flexible, easily updatable, and on-brand presentation that let their signature voice shine.

Pitch Deck Design Case Studies
PowerPoint Design Tips


PowerPoint Design Tips for Better Presentations


A guide to building a modern presentation deck


Our monthly roundup of the newest PowerPoint design tips and tricks, presentation design ideas, and other strategies for better communications.


“I brought them in while working in two different organizations, and both times they helped our teams raise the bar on our presentations, marketing and sales collateral. They were essential to helping us win a few significant pitches.”

SVP Business Development, Digitas

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