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Great Communication is the Cornerstone of Great Leadership


Strategic planning, industry insight, organizational guidance: leading a company means you’ve got a hand in every part of the business, from big-picture planning to daily details. 


And one of the pillars of great leadership is finding the right support to make your ideas (and business) thrive. That’s why so many leaders turn to us for help crafting clear, actionable communications and executive presentations. 

Because when leaders speak, change happens. And a great executive PowerPoint presentation can make sure that message gets heard.

Ready to make your
c-level presentations
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Executive Presentation Design

NO. 02

Keynote Presentations

When the stakes are high, the opportunities are huge. So when you’re stepping on stage for a high-profile event or keynote address, it’s more important than ever to turn your ordinary slides into a gripping story. We can help you craft an executive presentation that will turn an audience into advocates.


At VerdanaBold, our expertise in executive presentation design can help you make your message heard, and be at the forefront of organizational change.

NO. 01

Strategic Presentations

Even a carefully crafted business strategy can only go so far if it’s not communicated correctly. We partner with leaders to develop communication strategies and C-level presentations that inspire employees, build momentum, and help organizations align on their goals.

Executive PowerPoint Presentation Design

NO. 03

Training Your In-House Team 

As a leader, your executive PowerPoint presentations set the standard for your organization. So make sure that every slide that goes in front of your clients is clear, on-message, and on-brand with presentation training that enhances PowerPoint skills, standardizes your presentation design strategy, and even helps your sales team close more deals.

NO. 04

Presentations for Events

Events like conferences, all-hands meetings and more are great ways to tell rich, detailed stories. We can help you create a comprehensive event communications strategy, one that amplifies your key themes and comes to life at every stage of the event, from executive presentation design for keynotes to small breakout sessions.

C-Level Presentation Design for Events

Our Process


In executive and C-level presentations, an authentic voice can be the difference between inspiring change and being ignored. Our process is designed to ensure that each executive PowerPoint presentation we create has your voice and personality, so you always sound like your best self.

Check out our process to learn more about what makes our approach to executive presentation design unique, and how we can help deliver real results for your company.

Executive Presentation Design Case Studies

Case Study

Experienced audiences demand exceptional ideas, so when the CEO of Flexera was speaking to a group of his C-Level colleagues, we helped him to be the leader of the room.

Executive PowerPoint Presentation Tips


Executive PowerPoint Presentation Tips


Senior executives are some of the hardest people you can face in a presentation.


Our monthly roundup of the newest PowerPoint design tips and tricks, presentation design ideas, and other strategies for better communications.


“Working with VerdanaBold is a great experience, I enjoy it immensely and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone.”

CMO, Culligan International

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