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Your Business Has a Story. Let’s Tell It.


When it comes to business plan presentation design and company overview presentations, audience is everything. From convincing investors to inspiring stakeholders and more, your presentation needs to carefully address the unique needs of each audience.

And whichever you are working on, success starts with great storytelling. We can help you build business plan PowerPoints and company overview presentations that bring the strengths, potential, and personality of your business to life in vibrant and memorable ways.

Ready to make your business plan presentation stand out? We can help.

Business Plan Presentation Design Services

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Company Overview Presentations

With your brand story typically told across all of your channels, there aren’t many places where you can bring it all together. A company overview is part brand story, part vision, and part data dive, and it’s a great way to set the tone for the future of your business. We can help bring together all the parts of your story into a clear, engaging narrative that tells the world what your company is all about.


A business plan presentation can set the tone for the future of your firm. Help yours start strong with our expert business plan PowerPoint design, or get your team on the same page with a company overview presentation.

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Business Plan Presentation Design

Raising money or reassuring investors takes a special balance of big-picture thinking and analytical rigor. You need to show a deep understanding of where your business is, where it’s going, and how you are going to get it there. A great business plan PowerPoint can dive into your data, pull out a compelling story, and bring it to life with rich infographics and a clear narrative. That’s how a curious audience becomes confident investors.


Our Process


No two business plan PowerPoints are the same, because no two businesses are the same. And whether you need help with business plan presentation design or creating a company overview, we can help.

Check out our process to learn more about what makes our approach to pitch deck design services unique, and how we can help deliver real results for your company.

Case Study

There are often multiple goals for the same presentation. For example, we helped our client build their business by using an educational talk as a way to develop new leads as well.

Business Plan Presentation Design Case Studies
Business Plan Presentation Design Tips


Nail your Next Presentation in 5 Steps


These five steps will prime your mind, body and deck for the big day.


Our monthly roundup of the newest PowerPoint design tips and tricks, presentation design ideas, and other strategies for better communications.


“Great to work with - flexible and easy to talk through inputs and feedback along the way. Highly recommended.”

CEO, Kong Capital, LLC

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